Explosion-proof recycling machine for chemical plants

Product Description
Product Name: Explosion-proof recycling machine for chemical plants
Place of Production: Taiwan
Product Specification 
Compressor: 5HP+5HP
Appearance:  L172 ¢® W106 ¢® H172 (cm)
Weight: 670Kg
Fluid Storage: 11kg 
Voltage: Three-phase  380V 60Hz
Application of Refrigerant: 
 (and other refrigerants with ordered)
Application of Place:
Pure chemical plants, large-scale refrigeration system repairing and air-conditioner assembling plants, large freezer, large storage tank


¡DEasy to use, only press on-off bottoms.
¡DTwo-stage recycling, refilling, and purification.
¡DAutomatic air-exhaust device; manual and automatic oil-exhaust device; water-exhaust device.
¡DSeparating and exhausting impurities, water mist, oil gas, acidic materials and air in the recycling process automatically.
¡DStainless steel materials for the liquid barrel, the oil separator and heat exchanger; never rusty and enhance the durability of life.
¡DAdvanced ball valve switch makes machine sturdy, durable, and no leaking. 
¡DAutomatic compressor-cooling device can prevent overheating for long operation.