Special Refrigerant Recycling and Purification Equipment

Product Description
Product Name: Special Refrigerant Recycling and Purification Equipment
Place of Production: Taiwan
Product Specification 
Compressor: 5 HP
Appearance: L 153 ¢® W 81 ¢® H171 (cm)
Weight: 542 kg
Voltage: 3 Phase / 220V / 60Hz
Application of Refrigerant:
R-113 or R-11
(Limited to one kind of refrigerant recycled)
(and other refrigerants with ordered)
Application of Place:
1. Refrigerant recycling processors.
2. The refrigerant-packing plant.


¡DSeparating and exhausting impurities, water mist, oil gas, acidic materials and air in the purifying process automatically.
¡DThe equipment is equipped with a big transparent window, we can clearly see the refrigerant before and after the process.
¡DThe equipment is under good protection to avoid motor from damage.
¡DEquipped with three minutes outage protection to protect the compressor.
¡DAutomatically stop the machine as soon as the residual wasted liquid reaches the limit. save energy.
¡DUse advanced etching panel and advanced ball valve switch ,makes machine sturdy and durable without leaking. 
¡DStainless steel materials for the all special treatment tank; never rusty and enhance the durability of life.
¡DSemi-automatic purification for long time purification action.
¡DSuitable for prolonged operations and purification of a large number of refrigerant.